Why Pat4Strat?

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Way Of Working Together

Your company has clear quantifiable objectives and good Branding and Marketing helps you achieve these goals. What is good Branding and Marketing Communication for your company? Pat4Strat thinks along with you as a business entrepreneur. We work with you and your team to find concrete Brand, Marketing and Communication solutions that will help you boost awareness, sales leads, market share and ROMI. Based on our tried and tested strategic brand and IMC Tool, we use a simple 4 Strat Framework which is deliberately designed to encourage creative, divergent thinking at the beginning of each stage, before refining and agreeing on direction. We utilise 4 Key Strategic Development stages:

1. Strategic Challenge: Identify and review the real commercial problem and key business issues that will make the biggest difference; We use ‘Goliath’ metaphors and utilise a diverse team of strategists from across disciplines (brand, media, research, digital, social & PR, etc.)

2. Strategic Inspiration: Seek for creative understanding, insights, inspiration and ideas to resolve the problem; we explore the 4C’s – Consumer & Culture Changes, Channel & Engagement, Category & Competition and Company (Brand, Heritage, etc.). We utilise various research studies to feed our thinking.

3. Strategic Idea: Stretching creative solutions and break through ideas, making them as long and sustainable as possible. By exploring the full customer journey and looking for ideas that start earlier, last longer and travel further. This means searching for ideas with tinder that will be the spark for a conversation, participation and sharing…

4. Strategic Impact: Evaluating their effect, impact and influence using as much real time data as possible; We evaluate your company’s current brand awareness, quality reputation and competitive differentiation index, we give advice, develop and implement the plan, pay considerable attention to ongoing monitoring, fine-tuning and the post-campaign analysis and Report. We can provide extra support for your Marketing Team with brand and IMC training and advice. We work with your team for you!

First Meeting

How does the brand currently perform and how does the brand communicate with customers? What does the company, culture, competitor, customer, channel and category environment look like? Where are you today and where do you want to be in the future? We evaluate your current and future brand awareness, reputation and differentiation status and objectives? What are your requirements and wishes in the field of IMC? During our analysis we present your

current and ideal situation. By means of a BrandScan or Blue Skies Workshop, we, together with your management, Marketing and IT department or employees, focus on and agree the most important points of attention.


We compile all information from the analysis in an integrated marketing communication proposal. What is profitable from a business and brand point of view? You will receive a clear overview of the possible options and costs from us. Together with you, we weigh up advantages and disadvantages and determine which Branding and Marketing Communication solutions and tactics best support your business and marketing goals and objectives. Whether it will be In- or Out-bound Marketing, Social Media, PR, SEO or other strategic integrated marketing communication strategies and services. Once agreed, we develop a detailed IMC Plan that includes objectives, strategies, tactics, budgets, timings and measurements.

Campaign Implementation

After approval of the Plan, Timings and Budget, we can either work with you and your Team, where we agree on roles and define responsibilities, set a time path and discuss the implementation details. OR you can implement the Plan with your Team and utilise our inputs when necessary. The choice is yours. The IMC plan will form the basis for developing and producing the creative, media & tactics after approval. The implementation of Pat4Strat services takes place in close consultation with your Account Management Team. After the completion of the campaign or project you receive the final post-campaign Reports highlighting the ROMI as agreed.


What Clients say about us

"It was a pleasure working with Patrick & his Team! We always appreciated the invaluable insights and assistance he delivered through his unique ability to simplify the clutter and conceive simple, single minded brand value propositions followed by the development of effective strategic brand and marketing communication plans"
Andrew Jackson
Ex. Marketing Manager – Makro & Dion-Wired
The website design process was professional,
on time and smooth. Amazing service! Always willing to assist. Amazing turnaround time. Quality of work superb!
Ely Wolhutter
Financial Manager
“They stayed within the quoted amount, & delivered a product that we would have expected to cost much more - everything you need – no hidden fees"
Louis Liebenberg
MD - Louis Liebenberg Architects
"Thank you for the Brand & Communication strategy which we have implemented
and are now reaping
the results!"
Chris de Wet
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