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Patrick Lamusse
(IMM Marketing Distinction – Grey Strategic Planner 2006-2017)

Patrick has assumed various pivotal roles in strategic management across a spectrum of eminent local and international corporations and advertising agencies. Noteworthy achievements encompass his tenure as Group Head for Y&R, responsible for multiple South African Retail accounts, his stint as Marketing Director at Commark Software, his role in Strategic Marketing at Energyneering, and his leadership as Head of Strategic Planning at Grey Africa.

At the crux of Patrick’s skill set and experience lies brand and marketing consulting, spanning strategy, communications, and business development. With a remarkable tenure spanning over 30 years, his extensive expertise has been consistently channeled towards nurturing the growth and prosperity of small to medium-sized enterprises.

Patrick facilitates access to cutting-edge customer, market, competitor, and industry insights and research. He achieves this through a meticulously assembled team of adept local and global professionals, specifically chosen for projects that necessitate specialized knowledge, competencies, and expertise.

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