About BrandMuse



WHY WE EXIST? - We believe in securing individuals and businesses current and future success.
HOW WE DO IT? - Harnessing the eternal laws and existing proven business examples, we inspire individuals and businesses to be the best that they can be, constantly learning from both the world’s best and worst rivals, to improve, deliver their best and secure their own and community’s current and future success with like-minded associates and suppliers to valuable customers at all times.
WHAT WE DO? - To be a profitable and affordable brand and digital marketing communications company, providing opportunities for local businesses to constantly grow by thinking global, acting local, whilst investing in socio-economic Youth skills development programs to the benefit of all.


Servicing independently owned businesses via a professionally managed, international networked, digital marketing and brand communications services company, that not only builds brand equity, but also trains, up-skills and provides gainful employment opportunities for young local talent to enhance their own and their community’s chances for success now and into the future.


God’s Laws for Wisdom & Success

Collaboration Building Sustainable Relationships

Simplicity, Agility & Independence

Consistent Improvement


Staff, Partners, Customers, Youth & Community Focus

Outside The Box Thinking

Reduce Clutter, Improve Efficiencies

Exceeding Expectations

Inventors Die Happy, Famous & Poor.
Copycats Die Miserable, Loaded & Lonely.
The Wise Die Learning, Happiest with a Wealth of Friends and Brand Value.

 We work to inspire people and companies to do the same things that lead and keep the world’s most successful people and
companies smart and ahead. They are happy, healthy and successful – and so are their friends and fast-growing numbers of satisfied customers!

We hold ourselves accountable to four guiding principles that most of these successful companies hold:

Learn by doing. Test all things. Learn constantly and offer new ideas and perspectives that improves performance and adds value. Only when you see, hear and do things in a different way can you see greater opportunities to improve. Imitate the masters and also learn from their mistakes. Success is the result of repeated behaviour, consistent learning and improvement – Kaizen from Toyota, Japan! 

If people can more easily understand and remember something, then it’s more likely to get done. Use innovation and technology to constantly
reduce clutter, improve efficiencies, lighten burdens and reduce costs.

Two is always better than one. Ask married couples. Work with others, especially those who know more and have already made all the mistakes. Building relationships with like-minded partners and communities are more important to guarantee a sustainable, successful and profitable future.

Look for the silver lining in every cloud – it’s there. It’s better to amplify what works, than obsess with fixing what doesn’t work. Gold needs fire to increase its value and we need trials to see and divide the ignoble from the noble. A calm sea never made a good sailor!

“To realize our vision: We read and share about how to inspire action. We consult companies how to build corporate cultures that inspire their employees. We guide companies how to create brands and marketing communication that inspire customers to buy from them over and over again. We work with anyone who is willing to listen and share. We work to be our own best-case study, practicing everything we preach, investing in our Youth to better secure the future for all.”  SimonSinek.com

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